The polish-born actress emigrated to Germany due to the political tensions in Poland in 1989.

It was the polish opera in Wroclaw where she took her first steps on a stage as a four-year-old performing with her ballet group. Soon after she started to act in theatre plays at kindergarten and school and started modeling.

It was Gunter Sachs (Brigitte Bardot`s ex husband) who discovered Natalia, being a 12-year-old, in 1992. Sachs saw her pictures she sent in for one of his art projects and invited her to his studio near Munich to work with him. He encouraged her to keep on working on her career. 

Natalia continued playing theatre and started to take acting-, singing- and dancing classes being a teenager. After high school she started to work for german TV shows and studied theatre sciences in Munich. 


It was in 2002 when she auditioned for Michael Bully Herbig`s movie "SCHUH DES MANITU (EXTRA LARGE)", the most successful german movie of all times, and got the part. Her first part in a movie.

Three years later Natalia auditioned for the leading part of "DAS WILDE LEBEN / EIGHT MILES HIGH". A biopic about Uschi Obermaier, the german hippie icon of the 1960`s movement. She got the part. The movie was released in 2008. It was her breakthrough in the film industry. 

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