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"LOVE KILLS" debut album

(RCA / Sony Music Germany)


After the huge success with "Summer Wine" back in 2007, Natalia finally decided to release her debut album in May 2017 with Sony Music Germany. 

She took a one year time out from acting to work on writing the lyrics and producing the album.

Almost half of all songs are co-written by her with the help of great songwriters and producers such as Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) and Chad Hugo (The Neptunes / N.E.R.D.).

The sound and vibe of the album is an homage to Nancy Sinatra and Quentin Tarantino. Retro-inspired and very cinematic.

​The video for her first single "Blind Belief" reached over 10 mio views on youtube. 

Natalia`s idea was to create a cinematic atmosphere inspired by Murakami`s "Tokyo Decadence". ​​

The songs are a shoutout to modern women. Confindent, independent, sexy, strong but yet vulnerable at the same time.  

© Sony Music Germany